Finding Rest

Devotional II


For as yet, you have not come to the rest and inheritance which the Lord your God is giving you…”

–  Deuteronomy 12:9

Moses had just finished reminding the people about their escape from Egypt and the time spent in the wilderness. All of their experience and traveling had brought them to the next chapter in their lives. This was to be the land that became the appointed center of worship. They were now to cross the Jordan river, possess the property God provided, and find rest.

To obtain this rest, Moses gave the people instructions as they moved into Canaan. They were to enter the land and destroy the old ways of worshiping false idols and gods. They were to build and live new lives by seeking where God wanted them in places that would bring glory to His name. And, they were to cross over the river altogether.

Today many people are anxious and restless, even in the church. Many have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior yet never really experience complete rest because they remain in infancy. There is no movement from the milk of the Word to the meat of it. There is no marching through sanctification into maturity.

If you remain on this side of the river of your life as a believer and never press forward, you will never cross over and possess everything that the Lord has waiting for you. Jesus has become the center of worship. If you do not seek Him daily, you will never experience complete rest.

“We have Bibles everywhere, and the gospel is preached faithfully. Yet men and women seek God in old altars and tombs – in dark and dusty places, and finally wind up believing that God is sending signals from the sun.”

– A.W. Tozer

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