Jesus Came To Divide?


“Do you suppose that I came to bring peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.” – Luke 12:51

I think we as “the church” live our lives today with too much liberality and we can cheapen God’s grace. Maybe we think God will grade on a curve and allow us to squeeze by if we do a little extra credit. After all, we have not murdered anyone, right? We cannot be that bad. Surely God would not send me to hell. After all, I am a “good” person.

In Luke 12 and 21, Jesus is talking about the end times and what it will be like. Times of trials. Earthquakes in various places. Wars and rumors of wars. Nations rising against nations. Families turning on other family members. Sound like anything happening today?

So, if Jesus is real and He is the Messiah, why do all these things happen? Aren’t we supposed to have peace? Yes, if He is your Savior and you know you are going to heaven. Then you will have peace in your soul. But we will not always have peace on earth. That’s not what Jesus came to do. He came to divide!

Christianity, true Christianity, is contrary to our society. For true believers in Jesus, many times our families and friends will not understand us and it causes division. And that is what Jesus came to do. He is separating the believers from the non-believers and preparing those who are His to come home to heaven, where there is true peace.

Jesus is also patient, waiting for those who do not know Him to come to know Him. Jesus called Himself the chief cornerstone in Luke 20:17. He was quoting from the Old Testament. He was saying that He was the one everything is built upon. And in Luke 20:18 He says, “Whoever falls on this stone will be broken but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.” Jesus was saying that if we fall on Him and become broken of our pride and worldly lives, we will have peace with Him. If not, He will eventually bring judgment.

Jesus is returning very soon. Will you fall on Him and be broken now? Or will you be crushed by His judgment?

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