Quit Your Crying!


“And Ishbosheth sent and took her from her husband, from Paltiel the son of Laish. Then her husband went along with her to Behurim weeping behind her. So Abner said to him, ‘go, return!’ And he returned.”2 Samuel 3:15-16

At first glance, this seems like a cruel thing is happening, right? But let’s put some context around it and see what applies to us today. In this story, Michal (Saul’s daughter) was originally king David’s wife. Out of anger and jealousy Saul gave her to Paltiel. Now that Saul is dead, king David wants her back with him.

Paltiel had someone in his life he was not supposed to have. Michal was never meant for him but he took her anyway because Saul, the governing authority, said he could and nobody else cared because it was socially acceptable to them. And when that person was being stripped from his life he tried to hold on and wept bitterly about it. And then Abner tells him “stop being a baby and go home! Move on, it wasn’t meant for you!”

There are some people or things in our lives that we have accepted but that God never meant for us to have. Maybe they are things the government says are legal or they are even “socially acceptable.” Maybe God has been speaking to you about this recently and He is stripping that out of your life. At first glance it may seem cruel to you, like this story here. But when it is put into context, it begins to make sense.

Is God speaking to you today about this? Is He trying to take something out of your life that was not meant for you? If He is, are you “weeping” about it or are you trying to hold onto it and follow it? Maybe God is saying to you “let it go! Stop your crying! I love you and I know what’s best for you!”

God tells us He has a plan for us. A plan for good and for a future and a hope. But if we do not let go of those things that were not meant for us, how can He really give us what we are supposed to have? If you are holding on to something you that you know you shouldn’t, will you let go today?

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