God Is Calling


“Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, ‘Where are you?'”Genesis 2:9

God seeks those who are lost and those of us who lose our way. Why? He is the good Shepherd and He loves us (John 10:11).

Remember all the way back in Genesis when Adam sinned, God called out to Adam and said,”where are you?” Do you think God was saying it in an angry voice? I think God was saying it how we might say it when we have lost a child at an amusement park. I think God was saying it in loving desperation with the desire to be restored together.

A.W. Tozer writes, “I would remind you that His seeking voice has never died out. The echo of that voice is sounding throughout the widening years. It has never ceased to echo and re-echo from peak to peak, from generation to generation, from race to race, and continent to continent, and off to islands and back to the continent again. Throughout all of man’s years, ‘Adam, where are you?’ has been the faithful call.”

In Matthew chapter 9 beginning at vs 27, we see two blind men following Jesus. If they were blind, how did they know where He was or who He was? They even cried out, “Son of David” which is a Messianic title. How did they know He was Messiah and where He was without sight? Could it be that that their sight was taken away so they would use their hearing as a primary function? After all, “we walk by faith, not by sight.” If they had their sight physically, would they have seen Jesus spiritually? And if they did not hear spiritually, maybe they would not have heard God calling to them in His loving voice saying, “where are you?”

Sometimes in our lives we just cannot see or hear clearly and we miss the voice of God calling out to us and asking us, “where are you”. However, if we slow down and listen closely we can hear God calling out to us in His loving voice drawing us to Himself. I guess the question is, will we listen and respond?

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