Set Your Heart


“…such as set their hearts to seek the Lord God of Israel.” –  2 Chronicles 11:16

Rehoboam was king Solomon’s son and took over the throne after his father died. Although king David and Solomon ruled over all twelve tribes, under Reheboam, the tribes were now split. The priests and Levites now move from all lands to Judah where Rehoboam is at. Their enemy, Jeroboam, stopped them from serving God and he set up false gods and priests in their place.

Rehoboam and the spiritual leaders came together under God and were blessed (see 2 Chronicles 11:17). As a result of their good leadership, the people under them turned their hearts toward God. They “set” their hearts towards God. The leaders did it, so they did it.

They purposed in their hearts to follow what God wanted because they could see from their leadership, the effects of following God had on their lives. There was joy, peace and blessing when their hearts were set upon God.

It has been said, “So the father goes, so the family goes, so the nation goes.” I may have butchered that but the point being, the father of the household is the leader of the family. Whether he likes it or not, that is his role. God’s intention for the father is to be the spiritual leader of the home. Whatever way he leads, his family usually follows.

God holds the leaders of His children accountable. If we as leaders “set” our hearts to serve God, many may come to know our Lord through our lives. If we do not, we may be leading others down a wrong path. Today, think about what your heart is set on. In your household, how are you leading? Are you pointing those who follow to God or to false gods? Praying today we all “set our hearts to seek the Lord God of Israel.”

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