Time To Change That Oil?


“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It is like precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on the edge of his garments.”  – Psalm 133:1-2

King David inherited a split nation and almost a civil war but it was united as one again in 2 Samuel 5. He may have written this Psalm at the beginning of his reign.

At first glance, oil being poured over our heads and running down our clothes does not sound pleasant, as David writes here. So, we must put ourselves in the setting and look at the background.

In Scripture, being anointed with oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Anointing was given to priests, prophets and kings. Why? Because they all needed the Spirit’s help to properly minister to the people. It is said that when the high priest was anointed, the oil ran down his beard to the front of his body over his collar. This would suggest that the twelve stones worn on his chest representing the nation of Israel was bathed with the Holy Spirit in unity.

Today, we have such a split society. Two political parties battling for power. Even in the church, people are taking sides and aligning themselves with men and women they want in office. The person we should align with is Jesus. He has the real power that we need for unity.

I like Warren Wiersbe’s comments, “When God’s people walk in the Spirit, they forget about the externals and major on the eternal things of the Spirit. Externals divide us…gender, wealth, appearance, ethnic prejudices, social or political standing…while the Spirit brings us together to glorify Christ.”

Who do you stand with today? Do you know more about your candidate for office more than you do about Jesus? If so, who is your true God then? Praying for unity and One nation under God.

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