Heard, Held and Loved


“…you are all worthless physicians. Oh, that you would be silent, and it would be your wisdom!”Job 13:4-5

Job lost everything. It was all stripped from him. And now he is inflicted with sores all over his body and in constant pain. And through all of this, Job begins thinking it would have been better if he had never been born. He was finding no value in his life at this point. He never blamed God for his afflictions, he just wondered why they were happening to him. He still loved God and had faith in Him, he was just being human.

While he is going through all of this, his “friends” come along and begin preaching at him. They begin “bible thumping” and telling Job that he must be in some kind of sin and that is why God is allowing these things to happen to him. With friends like Jobs, who needed enemies?

At this point, Job is fed up with these guys. They were quoting scripture to him and telling him who God is and what the bible says. And Job tells them, “hey guys, I know all of that already! You are not telling me anything new!” He then tells them they are “worthless physicians” and that it would be wiser for them to shut their mouths at this time.

Jobs friends misdiagnosed the problem and responded incorrectly. It would be equivalent to you having cancer and your Dr. treating you for a cold. His actions and words would be of no value. That is what Job was feeling. His friends words added no value to the situation. At this point in his life, Job did not need to be preached at. He did not need scriptures quoted to him. He needed someone to reach out, listen and console him.

The church should be known as a spiritual hospital. The bible says others will know we are Christian by our love (John 13:35). Not by how much scripture we can quote or how often we go to church…by our love!

When we are “helping” others, we need to make sure we are never giving our opinions because we are very often misdiagnosing the problem. We should never try to come up with an answer and always keep quiet if God does not give us something to say. Many times, when someone is hurting, they just need to be heard, held and loved.


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