Deprived of Calmness


“In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.”Psalm 94:19 

When you read through this Psalm, you discover the writer experiencing some deep troubles. At the beginning of this verse, he uses two words that seem to catch our attention; multitude and anxieties.

The word for multitude here means an abundance or great number. A simile for this word is like sand or stars. There are many, too many to count. We then see the word anxieties used here. The word here speaks of making uneasy, depriving of calmness, disturbing of peace and anxious doubts. The writer here is experiencing things that many, if not all of us, face each and every day. He is experiencing many anxious thoughts about many things in life that are causing doubt and are occupying his mind. Do you ever feel like this?

The psalmist is open here and it is so comforting to know that great saints of God went through the same emotions and thoughts as we do today. What is even more encouraging, the Psalmist does not just leave us here in despair and goes on to tell us about hope. He tells about God’s comforts. The word here means to be eased as when a time of mourning, weeping and crying was over. Maybe you can equate it to a time where you have experienced loss in your life and you have cried and let your emotions out. Then, a loved one comes to you and just holds you. Or, maybe it is a cold rainy day, you have had a difficult day at work or school. You get home and curl up on your favorite couch or chair with your favorite blanket and let your thoughts fade away. I believe this is the kind of comfort being described here. The kind of comfort and peace that God brings to the soul.

This world has many troubles and we worry and we doubt. Worries and troubles like “How will I pay my bills this month?” Or, “Will I be healed of this sickness completely?” Or maybe, “How will I get through this assignment or task that seems impossible?” We are human. Emotions and thoughts are real and it is perfectly fine to acknowledge them. It is also important to remember, it happens to everyone! Like the Psalmist here, we have to remember not to remain in despair though. We must think on God’s comfort and His promises to us. We must turn over our worries and troubles to Him, He is the One who gives rest to our souls.

Lord, I pray today for myself and everyone going through very tough and dark times. That the stresses of life that we have today, we would give to You. You have promised that You would cause us to walk beside peaceful streams and bring us to still waters as long as we look to You. You have promised that if we give You our burdens, You would give us rest. We do not look for the explanations of life today, we look to Your promises. Help us to walk by faith today and not by sight as we rest in Your arms, amen. 

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You: because he trusts in You.”Isaiah 26:3




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