The Trouble With Following Your Heart


“But they have walked in the dictates of their own hearts and after the Baals, which their fathers taught them…”Jeremiah 9:14

The people began trusting in themselves. They began to take things into their own hands and live how they thought they should live. They felt “advanced” now and that God’s word was for the “old days”. In their eyes times had changed and society was different and more advanced. And they thought it was too advanced for the ways of God.

When it says the “dictates of their hearts”, that word means imagination or more accurately, lusts. They were doing whatever they felt like doing. Whatever made them feel good and brought them pleasure. The advice they were giving was, “follow your heart” and “do what makes you happy.”

The Bible tells us that the heart is desperately wicked. That is why what goes into our minds many times comes out in our actions. They were not following God’s design and it was obvious. They began worshiping the Baals which was a reference to the many different gods of the day, mainly of agriculture and fertility. This led to the worship of physical pleasure and debauchery along with the worship of creation and “mother nature.” Many even sacrificed their children to Molech. It was like the pagan god of, “it is my right to choose”.

Judah was a nation founded on God but now worshiping the gods of “follow your heart” and “do what feels right” and “mother nature is more important than a person”. The leaders were giving into the people and the spiritual leadership no longer taught God’s word. This is when God said, “That’s enough!” It was time for judgment. They were no longer listening. Does this describe Judah or does it describe us today?

In NY, a new law has been passed that it is no longer considered homicide if a baby is aborted past 24 weeks. If God judged Israel for these things, how much longer will He wait to judge the United States? May we turn to Jesus today and be restored!

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