Attempt Great Things!


“I prayed to the Lord, saying: Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.” Jeremiah 32:16-17

Jeremiah was in prison and was just told by God to purchase a piece of land from his cousin. Property was not to leave the family and Leviticus 25 describes to us that the Promised Land was sacred. Jeremiah’s cousin probably went to others from the family that were in-line to purchase the property first and they declined. So he now comes to Jeremiah.

The plot of land he was purchasing was in the battlefield and it seemed worthless at this time because the land was destroyed and being overtaken by Babylon. In normal terms, this purchase was a poor investment and Hanamel (Jeremiah’s cousin) probably thought he made the easiest money ever. But this was something that God placed upon Jeremiah’s heart to do and he was obedient to God, even though it looked crazy to everyone else. G. Campbell Morgan said, “When the call is followed by the open door, we need have no hesitation.” No matter how illogical or crazy it may seem, we need to trust God and His plan and move forward in it.

Although Jeremiah was obedient, he was human and had doubts. Rather than running to everyone for counsel however, he went straight to God in prayer. He did not fully understand why God would have him make this purchase, it was not clear. God answers and tells him that it would be priceless one day because it would be restored! Jeremiah’s obedience was a sign from God to His people that although they seemed worthless then, they would be restored once again.

Spurgeon wrote, “Jeremiah was commanded by God to do this because he was really preaching by what he did. The preacher must believe in what he preaches; and it may be that he will be called to do something which will be to his people the best possible proof that he really does believe it.”

Maybe God is asking you to do something that does not seem wise or logical in the world’s estimation and you have held back from being obedient because of that. If He has spoken to your heart and opened the door, what is stopping you from going through it?

“Let us attempt great things, for those who believe in the Name of the Lord succeed beyond all expectation. By faith, the worker lives.”Spurgeon

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