Truth Be Told…


“Yet they were not afraid, nor did they tear their garments, the king nor any of his servants who heard all these words.” – Jeremiah 36:24

God had instructed Jeremiah to write down His words on a scroll. Jeremiah employed the skills of a man named Baruch to do the writing. Once the work was complete, Jeremiah instructed Baruch to read the scroll on a day when many people from the entire land would be in the Temple. God’s word was to be read to the masses in hopes that someone would hear it and turn back to God.

The word of God was heard and the message then carried to the princes and to the king’s palace and it was read before them. Before it could be read in its entirety, Jehoiakim (king of Judah at this time), had the scroll thrown into the fire and it was completely consumed. After this, God spoke to Jeremiah again and told him to rewrite the words that were spoken on another scroll, and he did.

Jehoiakim did not like the message that God gave to Jeremiah. It was a message of destruction of his kingdom and nobody wants to hear a message like that. He only wanted to hear positive messages, even if it was not the truth. And, the king was proud and did not think anything could get to him. He thought he was untouchable and there was no repentance in his heart.

It is the same today. Without the grace of God through His Son, Jesus the Messiah, the road to hell is wide. People do not want to hear that. They want to hear that it is okay to live in habitual sin and still go to heaven. If that was what the Bible taught, that is what I would teach. But, it is not and the warnings must be shared in truth even if it is a painful message. May we hear the warnings and accept Jesus as Savior today.

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