Enduring The Cross


“For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls.”Hebrews 12:3

Right before this, the author of Hebrews wrote about this “great cloud of witnesses” that went before us. He describes their faith and trust in God and His Word. Then he begins to write about how we are to run in this race of life in Christ with endurance. He writes about how we are to lay aside anything that would weigh us or anchor us down.

He was exhorting the Christ follower to first be established in the faith and stand on God’s Word and then begin to run. To enter into maturity in the Lord and not turn back to infancy in their spiritual life. Now, here, he brings the attention back to Jesus, just as he did throughout this book.

He reminds us to “consider” Jesus. This is the original word analagizomai. It means to think upon or consider attentively. To think upon what? To think upon what Jesus endured and why He endured it. Remember, the people he is writing to wanted to turn back into the old system of religion and he spends much time refuting that and exhorting them to stay the course. He tells them that if they go back to the old religion then Jesus died for nothing. If you go back to the old ways and old religion, you put Jesus to death again. It is like you are saying, “Jesus, Your way was worthless and I have no need for it. I will do it my way instead.”

After the author speaks about the faith of so many of the people who have gone before them, and us, he brings the attention back to Jesus and back to the cross. Jesus endured being beaten, spit on, kicked and whipped within an inch of His life. And after all of that, He willingly went to the cross and died for the people here and for us.

Have you considered that today? Are you still stuck in the old ways, traditions and dead religion? Are you desiring to go back to those old ways? Re-dedicate and refocus your life on Jesus and find rest for your soul.

“Thousands of people in this world profess to be happy without God. But if we could be truly happy and moral without Jesus, then why did He come? He came because that kind of happiness and peace is only superficial.” – Chambers

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