His Return: Imminent!


“But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand.”Mark 13:22

Since Palm Sunday, Jesus has been seen going into Jerusalem and then departing each day. We have seen Him do it once already on Monday of His passion week and we see Him do it again on Tuesday (see Mark 11:20).

Jesus and His disciples made it back again into Jerusalem. On this particular day, Jesus is found teaching His disciples about end time prophecy. He is also found in the presence of the priests, the scribes and the Pharisees. All of which were questioning Him and trying to give Him trick questions in an effort to trip Him up or to get Him to say something wrong and condemn Himself, giving them the authority to put Him to death. That was the real reason they were seeking to stumble Him.

In addition to these events on Tuesday, as they left the Temple, we find Jesus once again teaching His disciples. This time, however, they are on the Mount of Olives looking over the City of Jerusalem and the Temple. Jesus then begins describing to them the end times and the signs of the times (see Mark 13). We know this message today as “The Olivet Discourse”.

In this discourse, Jesus said to “take heed” at least four times and at the end He says to “Watch”! Jesus described to them the “Great Tribulation” period and references prophecy of Daniel 9 and the 70th week of Daniel. He also shares with His disciples what signs to look for to help identify the end times.

The Bible tells us that we are not supposed to set dates because nobody knows when Jesus will return. As Christ followers, we are to “take heed” and we are to “watch” and be ready. He told His disciples everything beforehand and He is doing the same for us today. But, how will we know these things if we do not read His Word? How will we know these things if we do not attend a Bible teaching church? Jesus gave us everything we need to know in His Word, beforehand. All prophecies have been fulfilled in the prophetic calendar and Jesus’ return is imminent! Where will He find you when He returns?

“No prophecy needs to be fulfilled before Christ’s coming for His saints; He may come at any moment!”William MacDonald

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