Seek The Maker


“Then with counsel and wisdom Daniel answered…” – Daniel 2:14

Nebuchadnezzar began having bad dreams. He was afraid and the dreams kept him up at night. He wanted them interpreted so that he might understand them and know how to deal with them. He was anxious and desperate to know.

The king had all the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and people come to stand before him and he shared with them what was happening. He told them that if they were able to tell him the dream and its interpretation, he would give them gifts and rewards and positions in the land. They could not answer the king. In fact, they wanted him to tell them the dream, then they would interpret it for him. He did not agree to that. They told the king that nobody could do what he was asking. They told him that no other king had ever asked anything like this before and nobody but “the gods” could tell him what his dream was and then interpret it. As a result, the king was angry and ordered all the wise men in the land to be killed.

In the wisdom that God gave him, Daniel went and appealed to the king. He asked the king to give him the night and the true God would answer. That night Daniel and his friends prayed and sought the Lord for the answer, and it was given to them. The dream and its interpretation was given to Daniel to communicate.

The Bible tells us that the reverence of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and understanding. We are to seek Him first, and everything else will be given to us. Daniel and his friends had hearts for God and they learned this reverence and prayer during very adverse conditions in their lives. And when threatened again, they used wisdom and set to prayer. Their “formula” did not change. They understood God was in control of every situation. Who better to go to for counsel and wisdom but the One who made us?

Daniel was in a tough situation. He knew he needed time to pray and seek God before moving. Before you move, have you sought and asked God?

“God wants to bless you too, but there are things you must do to receive those blessings. You must hearken diligently to the will of God. You must walk in the ways of God. You must do the things God has commanded you to do.”Pastor Chuck Smith

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