“I’ll Have The Usual, Please”


“But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets…”Daniel 2:28

Daniel, a young man brought into captivity because of the sins of his fathers; A young man that decided in his heart that he would be nothing like his fathers, and set his heart towards God. As a result of his obedience and faithfulness to God, he was placed in the right position at the right time and explains and interprets the king’s dream. It was God who opened up the visions and Scriptures to Daniel just like Jesus did to His disciples in Luke 24:45.

The Old Testament prophets, like Jeremiah and Ezekiel, show us a rebellious people whose hearts were hardened towards God. They were proud and arrogant and the reverence for God had diminished. They were in moral decay, even though everything seemed good on the surface. Daniel, having seen it first hand and experienced it through deportation and exile, decided he would turn his heart back toward God. He was going to go against the grain and get back to the heart of how things were supposed to be designed. He would once again listen to God rather than watch what others were doing.

Personally, I think God still does these things today. I believe many times we get into habits and do things so mechanically that we miss God’s voice speaking to us. We “look to the left and to the right” of us and think that is how things are supposed to be done when God may want to do something else with us. May we not be like Peter and worry about what John is doing (see John 21:20-23). May we look to Jesus and follow only Him.

Daniel and his friends were shaken up through their deportation and they were very much brought out of their comfort zone. Through that, however, God captured their attention again and their hearts were set right. Is that happening with you today? Has God allowed things in your life to get your attention? Does He want to reveal ‘secrets’ to you through His Word? What will you do? Will you be obedient to His voice today?

“Christian expectation in the average church follows the program, not the promises. When Christians meet, they do not expect anything unusual to happen: consequently, only the usual happens, and that usual is as predictable as the setting of the sun.”A.W. Tozer

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