Jesus Marvels At You


“But the king spoke, saying to Daniel, ‘Your God, whom you serve continually, He will deliver you.'” – Daniel 6:16

The leaders that Darius placed in office were jealous of Daniel and wanted to get rid of him. They enacted a law that they knew Daniel would violate. It went against God’s law, and that is something Daniel would not break. As a result, Daniel was thrown into the den of lion’s to be killed as the law dictated.

An innocent man falsely accused by a jealous mob. He is thrown into the den and a stone laid on the mouth of it. Everyone thought he was dead for sure. Just like the story of Jesus being laid in the tomb. And just like Jesus raised from the dead and left an empty tomb, Daniel would do the same because he was kept from harm.

It is interesting to see the faith of Darius, the king. He understood that Daniel’s God would save. What great trust of a man who was not a Jew and did not worship God. It is reminiscent of the trust we find with the Centurion soldier in Luke 7. He was a Roman who came to faith in Jesus and knew that Jesus could heal his servant. When Jesus saw his faith, the Bible tells us that Jesus marveled!

In the Bible, we see Jesus marvel only twice. He marvels at the belief of the Centurion in Luke 7 and the unbelief of his own city, Nazareth, in Mark 6. As a result of their unbelief, the Bible tells us that Jesus, “could do no mighty work there.”

Are you in a “lion’s den” today feeling things are hopeless? Maybe you are dealing with a situation that seems impossible, and you think there is no way out. Jesus only marveled at two things. When He looks at you, does He marvel? And if He marvels, does He marvel at your belief or unbelief? Who do you have your trust in? If it is not in Jesus, as your personal Lord and Savior, then there is no hope for any mighty work to be done.

“We have an entire Bible to read and study, as well as nearly two thousand years of church history to encourage us, and yet we are guilty of no faith or little faith. Our prayer ought to be, ‘Lord, increase our faith!’ (Luke 17:5).”Warren Wiersbe

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