“Why Me, God?”


“…and watch to see what He will say to me, and what I will answer when I am corrected.”Habakkuk 2:1

Habakkuk is known as a “minor” prophet in the Bible. Not because he was less of a prophet, it was just a shorter book. He was a contemporary of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Zephaniah, not much else is known about him.

This book begins with Habakkuk praying to God and asking why he is receiving visions that burdened him. Because of disobedience and the breaking of the covenant, God was going to bring judgment on His people, and He would use an enemy of Israel to do it. At first, he is confused about why God does not punish Judah. When God answered, Habakkuk wondered why God would bring punishment in this fashion. This perplexed Habakkuk. He didn’t understand why God would do something like this.

Habakkuk could not understand why God was allowing evil to happen and why He would bring judgment through an enemy. He was perplexed, much like what we see in Daniel and John the Baptist’s lives. He did not understand. But like Daniel and John, he too prayed and asked God for the answer, and God came through.

Habakkuk knew his understanding was off, and God’s plan was better than what he wanted to happen. And after he prayed, he said he would wait to be corrected by the Lord. He waited for God’s plan and resigned his own will. Even though he couldn’t understand, he submitted to God. And what began with challenging things to understand in chapter one, ended with praise to God at the end of chapter three.

Are you dealing with something that has happened in your life that is leaving you wondering “why God?” Maybe you feel confused and anxious about it. Have you brought it before the Lord in prayer and asked? Are you willing to have your understanding corrected and submit to His plan? May you seek the Lord in prayer today and wait in anticipation for His response. Like Habakkuk may your prayer end with praise and worship to God for His providence!

“Whether we call it our ‘quiet time,’ ‘devotions,’ or by some other term, daily communion with God is crucial for every Christian.” – William MacDonald

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