Enslaved and Empty


“Harlotry, wine, and new wine enslave the heart.”Hosea 4:11

The priests in the nation of Israel were leading incorrectly. It has been well said, “As goes spiritual leadership, so goes the church; as goes the church, so goes morality; and as goes morality, so goes the nation.” When people of God become corrupt, society as a whole becomes corrupt.

The accusation that God was bringing to the spiritual leaders was that they had turned the hearts of the people away from Him and onto false idols and faith in the things of the world rather than faith in the One who created the world. They whored themselves out to others who used them and left them empty inside.

God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Due to the lack of spiritual direction by the leaders, morality declined, and the people were now enslaved. In other words, they were “carried off” or “taken away” because they sought after “new wine” and what they thought was right and good for them rather than following what God had outlined for them.

If Hosea was here on earth today and given a platform on national television, I wonder if he would be given these same words from God to speak to us today? Has the modern day church prostituted itself out? Do we truly teach what God is proclaiming? When was the last time we heard a message about holy living, hell or destruction rather than promotions, an increase in incomes and bigger houses? Are we being destroyed for lack of knowledge?

It is essential to proclaim and hear the truth from God’s Word and not man’s opinion. If God’s Word is being taught correctly, hearts will be changed, souls will be saved, and revival in the nation will take place!

What about you today? What have you been filling your life with, God’s Word or the ways of this world? Have the ways of the world enslaved you, and do they leave you empty? Turn back to Jesus today and be filled with the Holy Spirit and the promise of eternity in heaven!

“Many evangelical teachers insist so strongly upon free, unconditional grace as to create the impression that sin is not a serious matter and that God cares very little about it! They make it seem that God is only concerned with our escaping the consequences. The gospel, then in practical application, means little more than a way to escape the fruits of our past! To remit a man’s past without transforming his present is to violate the moral sincerity of his own heart.” – A.W. Tozer

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