Dwelling Together In Unity


“…for we are brethren.”Genesis 13:8

Abram had already failed twice in God’s plan for his life. He took Lot, his nephew, with him when God did not instruct him to. And, when there was a famine in the land, Abram ran to Egypt instead of crying out to God for help. The Bible is so real and does not only give us the successes of the Patriarchs but also reveals to us their shortcomings. This should encourage any Christ-follower that God can and will use anyone He chooses.

As their possessions increased, the land became crowded for Abram and Lot to dwell together. Their people were beginning to fight amongst each other and a split needed to take place. So, the two came together to discuss the situation. This is always a wise move when we begin to see strife between two groups. And if done to keep peace among the brethren, it can be something that is blessed by God.

During their conversation, Abram put himself last and offered the first choice of land to Lot. He told Lot, “If you take left, then I will go to the right.” Abram considered Lot more important than himself because he cared more about Lot’s well-being than his own. How contrary to what many of us do today, even in the Lord’s house.

What is truly amazing is even after all of Abram’s failures, God blessed him. After Abram came out of the world, Egypt, we are told he “called on the name of the Lord.” He repented and turned back to his maker. His changed heart is what caused him to think about others more than himself. And, what was God’s response to Abram? God told him to stand where he was, look in every direction, all the land he set his eyes on was his. The Lord gave Abram more than he could imagine!

As humans, we mess up. It is essential to turn our hearts back to the Lord. He changes us and gives us a new perspective and will cause us to love one another because “we are brethren.” Do that, and the Lord just may bless you beyond all measure and give you peace and joy for your soul.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

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