Blocked Blessings


“Take now your son, your only son Issac, whom you love…”Genesis 22:2

At first glance, it appears God is describing a beautiful relationship of father and child. After all, Isaac was a child of promise, a miracle baby that Abraham and Sarah thought they would never have together. Not only that, it would be through Isaac, that Abraham would become the father of many nations as God said (Gen.17:4). If we look closer though, we see that this could also be more of an accusation.

God describes Isaac to Abraham as “your only son” and the one “whom you love.” I am certain Abraham already knew how he felt about his son. It may be at times Abraham looked at his son with pride and thought, “look at him, God’s promise to me. I am going to give him everything he wants because he is such a special gift.” Could it be that Abraham began to pay more attention to the gift rather than the Giver? Is it possible that he became too infatuated with Isaac that Isaac was beginning to replace God in his life? It is my opinion that this was more of an accusation than a description.

What God does next would test the true heart of Abraham. God tells Abraham to take Isaac and offer him up as a sacrifice to the Lord. Space does not permit an explanation of all the wonderful truths within this text. But, there is one thing that stands out to me personally and it is this, the Lord will not share your heart with anything else. He must have it all. If there is something in the way of that, He will command that it be given up as a sacrifice.

As Christ-followers, sometimes the things that we have been blessed with have taken God’s place. Sometimes things in our lives that start so innocently, become the things we become enslaved to. At one time it may have been easy to give something up but now maybe it has become habitual.

The Bible tells us the Lord is looking for someone to bless but the heart must be ready to receive (2 Chron. 16:9). Is there something in your life that has replaced the Lord?

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