The Right Authority


“…for all his master’s goods were in his hand.”Genesis 24:10

This describes the authority that this servant had over everything that Abraham possessed. And when instructed to find Isaac a wife, this man did exactly what he was asked to do. The authority he had was a gift. It was given and received because this servant was an available receptacle. The only goal in mind was to please his master and carry out his master’s commands.

This man had tremendous authority in the house of his master Abraham. And, the task of finding a wife for Isaac was a daunting one. This task, if done incorrectly and the wrong wife chosen, would have impacted the rest of the world forever. The promise to Abraham and his descendants would have been taken down the wrong path. This man would have to be a servant who was given tremendous authority and wield it accurately in reverence to the Lord. And although this man carried these attributes and an enormous burden on his shoulders, we simply know him as a servant and his life after this chapter quietly fades into the night.

As a disciple of the Lord Jesus, you and I have been given gifts. Once that gift is given, the Bible tells us that we must use them to glorify His name and to bless others. These are commands from our Master. The problem with this, however, is that many of us do not know the gift and authority we have been given and cannot carry out the commands as a quiet and humble servant.

Many Christian’s quote the Apostle Paul when he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” Yes, this is a true statement and is biblical. What many of us fail to remember is that we will only receive that strength to do “all things” if they are done according to His will. More times than not, we head out on a task without the command, and we misuse the gifting and authority we have been given.

May we learn daily to receive His will, perform it as servants, and fade quietly into the shadows while He is lifted up!

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