Invitation To A Wedding


“…until they have finished drinking.”Genesis 24:19

Abraham’s servant was sent to find Isaac a wife. Rebekah would be the one chosen and ordained by the Lord. She and Isaac would become the parents of Jacob, who would become the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Making the right decision for the Lord would have tremendous impacts on the future.

The decision did not come without direction, encouragement, and prayer. Prior to sending his servant off on this task, Abraham gave instruction and encouragement to this man. Abraham reminded him that the Lord has already sent his angels ahead and prepared everything. The servant was to simply move forward.

When the servant came to the appointed land, he began to pray and asked God to reveal the next part of the plan. And, he prayed very specifically (see Gen. 24:12-14). Part of his prayer is that it would be the woman who not only offers him a drink but his camels also. There were ten of them, and when thirsty, camels could drink up to 40 gallons of water. And, before he is even through praying, along comes Rebekah to the well and the servant asks her for a drink. And, she tells him, “not only will I give you a drink, but I will also water the camels too. Not only that, I will water them until they have finished drinking.”

Rebekah offered to water the camels until they were replenished. This is amazing to me because we are not told that was part of the servant’s prayer! He simply asked God that she would offer them a drink. The Lord is certainly able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20)!

This servant was obedient to his master’s plan, and look at the result, a bride was brought to the bridegroom. He didn’t say, “Oh, that person will never come.” He simply did what he was asked. The Bible tells us the church is the bride, and Jesus is the bridegroom. As Christ-followers, when is the last time we invited someone to the wedding?

“The next time you have the privilege of witnessing for Jesus Christ, remember that you are inviting people to come to the wedding!” – Warren Wiersbe

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