Finding A Needle In A Stack Of Needles


“And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not.”Genesis 24:21

There are times when God answers our prayers right away, and times they seem delayed. We do not always know the reason why but we know He loves us and has a plan. In the case of a Bride for Isaac, the Lord answered Abraham’s servant’s prayer right away. It happened so quickly, that before he even stopped praying, along came Rebekah who seemed to be the answer to this quest. And this servant is so astonished that he sits back in wonder…amazing!

This servant was certainly excited, but he remained quiet and composed. Although Rebekah seemed to be the answer, one more thing had to be fulfilled. She was from Abraham’s country, as requested. Now, she seems to fit the description the servant prayed for. But one more thing was left, she also had to be of Abraham’s family line. That had not been determined yet, and it was wise for this servant to remain composed until that piece was made known. He did not let his excitement and anticipation cloud his judgment. It was not until he confirmed who she was, that he knew God had answered.

Many times while driving, I use my navigation app. I have a habit of watching the arrow indicator only. When close to where I need to turn, I very often turn a street too early in anticipation because it appeared like the correct street on my screen. My father-in-law told me that rather than look at the arrow, he watches the distance in miles, than yards and finally feet until the range is unmistakable and then you can make the right turn.

It is the same with prayer and waiting for the Lord’s answers, isn’t it? We pray, and sometimes we anticipate something so much, we think we see the correct path. In our anticipation and excitement, we end up making wrong turns and delaying plans. May we learn to pray and wait for confirmation when it appears that the right corner is coming up. Let us watch the correct indicators, not our anticipation and emotion, and the Lord will bring us in alignment with His will.

“Prayer does not preclude activity, it precedes activity.”

Chuck Smith
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