God’s Step-by-Step Instructions

“As for me, being on the way, the Lord led me to the house of my master’s brethren.”

Genesis 24:27

Making wrong turns in life happens to all of us. We may become excited about something we have been anticipating and rather than waiting to confirm it with the Lord, we move too hastily. Through God’s grace however, we always have the option to turn around and get back on the right path.

Although making wrong turns is a part of the life of a believer, I would venture to say that inactivity has no part in the process of sanctification. A close friend of mine recently reminded me of a saying, “promises are prods, not pillows” and if we have been given promises and instruction to move, we cannot remain still and call ourselves disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this story, the only way Abraham’s servant was going to fulfill the mission of his master was to go. He had to “be on the way” before receiving every step. Once he began to move, the Lord began guiding and leading him. I have heard it said that “the rudder of a ship is of no value if the ship is not moving.” This paints a very vivid picture for us.

In-order for the Lord to lead us we need to begin walking in faith. It is only when we begin moving that God can lead us. Many times He gives us the direction and heading, and yet we remain.

Maybe you have been praying and asking the Lord for direction and He is speaking to you about taking steps. And maybe He has not given you step by step instructions but just the first step. Is it what is beyond that first step that keeps you from moving forward? It would be a shame if that were so for that is where faith is tested and tempered. Pray, move and then the Lord will guide you.

“Prayer will lead you into activity more often than it will lead you into inactivity.”

Chuck Smith
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