Is God Leading You?

“Then the Lord said to Jacob, ‘Return to the land of your fathers and to your family, and I will be with you.'”

Genesis 31:13

A good parent not only watches out for their child, but they also watch out for other children too. Take daycare or school, for example. If there is a sick child, the parents will generally keep them home so they can heal, and the other children are not harmed. After all, why would anyone want their child in a place that will do more harm than good?  I believe we see a glimpse of this in the story of Jacob and his father-in-law, Laban.

Jacob had worked for Laban for twenty years. In those twenty years, Jacob’s wages had been changed ten times in addition to being lied to and used. The only reason Jacob stayed was that God kept him there and blessed him (Gen.31:42). But now, it was time to go, and the Lord was speaking clearly. God no longer wanted his child in a place he should not be. 

Jacob could have decided to stay with Laban. Think about it, Jacob came to this land with nothing and now he had a family and possessions. Jacob had found success in this land. Jacob understood, however, that success came from God, and that would happen no matter where he went. Jacob knew it was God that blessed him, not the location. As long as he was in the Lord’s perfect will, that would continue. 

There are some exciting principles pointed out to us here that may help us discern God’s guidance in our lives. Griffith Thomas writes, “First, Jacob had a desire (30:25). Secondly, circumstances necessitated a change of some sort. Thirdly, God’s Word came strongly to him. And finally, there was confirming support from his wives, despite their natural ties to Laban.” 

Have circumstances in your life been causing that “inward witness” to begin pondering? Has the Lord been speaking to you to move on from something? Whatever you are holding on to that God wants to move you from remember, why would He leave you as His child in a place that would do more harm than good? 

“How did the Lord tell Jacob that it was time to leave? The same way He leads His people today: through the inner witness in the heart, the outward circumstances of life, and the truth of His Word.”

Warren Wiersbe
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