Fear God’s Commands, Not Man’s Laws

Devotional II

“But the midwives feared God…”Exodus 1:17

Joseph’s generation had all died, and there was a new king over Egypt, where the Hebrew people now dwelt. And, they multiplied exceedingly more than the Egyptians. The king of Egypt became afraid for his throne and land, so he decided to make the Hebrew people slaves and tried working them to death, but they multiplied even more. So, the king of Egypt pronounced that all male Hebrew children were to be aborted at birth.

Innocent children who did nothing wrong were sentenced to death. For what? Because an adult who feared for their own life and possessions wanted his “right to choose.” The king of Egypt was playing God with the souls of others.

Fortunately, the Hebrew midwives feared God, the King of kings, more than the king of Egypt and did not do as instructed.  Man’s law was contrary to God’s Word. They did not base their actions on their personal opinions, they based it off of the Lord’s commands. And, the Bible tells us they were blessed for it (Ex.1:20-21).

Since Pharaoh could not win with the midwives, he went another route. He commanded his own people to drown all the male Hebrew children when born. He wanted them tossed into the river as if they were worthless. It is incredible what hatred can do to the human heart that has not been changed by the Lord.

What is amazing to me is that God’s grace is so sufficient, even Pharaoh could have been forgiven this sin if he repented. Look at the Apostle Paul’s life, he was involved in the murder of Christians until Jesus grabbed hold of his heart on the road to Damascus. Thank God for His amazing grace!

Jesus said all sins can be forgiven except one, the “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” (Mark 3:28). This is the calloused heart in denial of God’s power in Jesus and the rejection of His claims as Savior. Who do you say that Jesus is? Will you accept Him or reject Him today?

“…nonexistence of remorse makes repentance impossible, and nonexistence of repentance makes forgiveness impossible. Callousing one’s conscience by dishonest reasonings so as to justify denial of God’s power in Christ and rejection of his claims upon one is, then, the formula of the unpardonable sin.”J.I. Packer

“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” – Proverbs 31:8

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