Devotional II

“So Moses returned to the Lord and said, ‘Lord, why have You brought trouble on this people?’ “

Exodus 5:22

In every situation of our lives, God has a plan. As His child, sometimes we are in places we should not be. And, He loves us so much that He often begins moving us through His providence. He does not want us to be left in places where we will be harmed and where we can harm ourselves.

As humans, we have been given free will. We can choose to go left or right. We can want to sit and stay or get up and go. Very often, when we are told to arise and go, it is uncomfortable, and change is difficult for us. Many times when that begins to happen, the opposition seems to increase as we draw nearer to Jesus and His plans for us. We must understand that the “world” will not always let us go easily.

When God begins moving us and seasons in our lives change, we can start to grumble and complain like Moses. But just like with Moses and the Hebrews, He was trying to get them to a much better place. If they continued to resist, however, then they would have stayed as slaves to the world.

Are you headed into a new season of your life? Does it feel uncomfortable? Maybe you are beginning to say, “God, just leave me alone!” Do not resist the Lord, but resign your will to Him. He may just be bringing you into a better place.  He may just be bringing you into the promised land!

“When we know that God is in control and we claim His promises, then we can experience peace and courage in the battles of life.”

Warren Wiersbe

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