Where Are You?

Devotional II

“…and sacrifice to the Lord our God as He will command us.”

Exodus 8:27 

About this time in Egypt, the “New Kingdom” had been established and Pharaoh Rule was probably re-established from the Nomarchs of the Middle Kingdom. Command and power have now been given back to Pharaoh. In complete control of lands and people, it would be difficult for any man to give up that kind of authority. It is that very heart of pride and ego that God would deal directly with.

The Egyptians worshipped just about anything that moved. It is believed that many of the plagues God brought on the land were what the Egyptians worshiped. God was showing them that He was the God in complete control of their gods.

When the swarm of flies came upon the people, Moses told Pharaoh that the Hebrews were to go three days’ journey outside of the kingdom to worship the true God of Israel. Of course, Pharaoh said no and that they could worship right where they were at. Doing so, however, would have probably started a riot among the Egyptians. Not only that, God’s command was to go and worship elsewhere.

Sometimes we can be a “Pharaoh” and in our own little world. We get comfortable and think that we possess all the land before us and take back rulership in our lives. We set ourselves up with power and authority, and when God commands us to go, we say, “Really God, and leave all this? No thanks, God, send someone else because I have all I need right here!”

As a Christ-follower, the Lord has called us all to worship Him. Unfortunately, some of us are doing it in a comfortable place when God has called us to go “outside the land.” Staying in one place should never be based on what is in it for you and your family. It should always be based on where God has called you to go. Are you in the place that God has commanded you to be?

“The common policy of our churches is that of great prudence. We do not, as a rule, attempt anything beyond our strength. We measure means, and calculate possibilities with economical accuracy; then we strike off a large discount for contingencies, and a still larger percentage as provision for our ease, and so we accomplish little because we have no idea of doing much.”

– Spurgeon

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