Mountain Top Moments

Devotional II

“Peter said to Jesus, ‘Master, it is good for us to be here…”Luke 9:33

Jesus had taken Peter, John, and James up the mountain to pray. While Jesus was praying, He was transfigured. His appearance became like flashes of lightning, and His face shone like the sun. The Bible tells us that even Moses and Elijah showed up, and it was a beautiful experience and an incredible moment for the disciples.

Peter, not knowing what to say, tells Jesus “it is good for us to be here” and then suggests they make tents for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Peter was in awe of the moment and loved the experience and feeling that it brought to him. He not only wanted to capture the moment, but he also wanted to keep it and remain there and try to hold on to that feeling as long as he could.

The Bible tells us that Jesus, Elijah, and Moses were talking about Jesus’ decease. They were talking about His “exodus” from this world to the next. The discussion surrounded the crucifixion that was soon coming. Had they listened to Peter and remained, Jesus would not have fulfilled His mission.

In our Christian walk, there will be these mountain top moments in our lives. God made us with emotions and feelings, it is appropriate to want to embrace those. Where we often get into trouble with opinions is wanting to have that feeling at all times, but emotions are fleeting. They come and go and change with the circumstances of life.

In these experiences, we tend to want to remain in that same place we had the experience. It causes us to not want to move any further. As if, like Peter, we thought we arrived in the kingdom. Until we are present with Christ in heaven, we have not arrived in the kingdom. Jesus still has work for us to do.

I believe this is one thing missing in the church today. We often plant ourselves where we “feel” we are of most use to Him, and it should never be the case. We should not look for where we can be of most use to Him but rather where His name can be most lifted up.

“In the United States we take pride in the length of time we have committed ourselves to something. We celebrate another year devoted to a church, another year in our vocation, and how many years we have served a particular club or group. In our celebration of these accomplishments, have we ever stopped to ask God if He wants us to remain or move on? Are we more devoted to the years rather than to the leading of Christ?”

– Unknown

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” 

– John 3:8

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