Healing For Your Child

Devotional II

“…Teacher, I implore You, look on my son…”

– Luke 9:38

A father from the crowd of hundreds begins crying out to Jesus for his son. A son who we are told has a spirit that seized him and caused him to shriek, to convulse violently and foam at the mouth, and when it departs, it did so with such force that it left the boy bruised.

We are not told what caused this demon to inhabit this boy. We do know that the days in which Jesus walked the earth were marked with demon possession that ran rampant. It is believed that it was so because the Savior walked the earth, and Satan did his best to thwart the efforts.

The heart of this parent was to intercede for his child. And this would be a severe case. His son was not being bullied by another kid so he could not run to a teacher or the local police to file a complaint. This was a spiritual issue beyond his control, and I would imagine this left the boy’s father feeling completely helpless. Have you ever felt that way when attempting to help your children, a friend, or a loved one? When they are going through something so profound, and you just do not know what else to do? You finally come to the “end of your rope.”

We applaud the father here for turning to Jesus. However, Jesus showed some disappointment when He said, “O faithless and perverse generation.” This parent did not cry out to Jesus; first, he went to the disciples, and they could not cast out the demon. Jesus should have been the first One he cried out to. Before you can intercede on behalf of another, your heart needs to be right with the Lord first.

When Jesus summons them, He said, “bring your son to Me.” What beautiful words those are, don’t you think? Jesus healed him, and then the Bible tells us He “gave him back to his father.” For us to see people right with the Lord Jesus, we must first give them to Him.

Maybe you are at a place with a loved one or child where you feel helpless. You have a deep personal want for your child to be set right. Have you been running to other people, or do you cry out to Jesus first? When Jesus tells you, “bring them to Me,” do just that. Believe He can change and heal and give them back to you with a changed heart and a corrected soul!

“Do not be afraid; only believe.”

Jesus (Mark 5:36)

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