God Uses Who He Chooses

Devotional II

“…we forbade him because he does not follow with us.”

– Luke 9:49

Jesus had given the twelve the command to go out and preach the gospel, and also gave them power and authority to heal disease and cast out demons. He sent them out through the region to accomplish these tasks. At one point, they failed to fulfill the calling completely, demonstrated by the father in the crowd crying out on behalf of his son, who the disciples could not heal for some reason.

As they continued ministry, John came across another man casting out demons in the name of Jesus. John felt it was his duty to put a stop to it because this person was not part of their inner circle, so he thought.

When Jesus sent the twelve out on their first brief ministry run, Jesus went out on His own at the same time. The Bible tells us Jesus said, “a house divided cannot stand.” This was when Jesus was being accused of casting out demons by Satan. If this “someone” was casting out demons in Jesus’ name, He must have been given the authority by the Lord to do so and possibly given that authority without the disciples knowing it. It may be Jesus gave this authority while out on His own mission. Jesus’ reply to John, “don’t stop him, he is with us!”

The Lord uses whomever He chooses. The church today should not get caught up in a name, an organization, or a style of ministry. Indeed, there are clear distinctions, and Jesus is not saying agree with all religions because He asks, “who do you say I am.” That is the key to every denomination and church. The answer must be, “You are the Messiah,” and God incarnate! If that is the answer of the minister then help strengthen through prayer and support, do not forbid him to do the work he was called to do. God did not just call you, He called others too!

“Whenever we find a complaining servant, we know he has not fully yielded to the master’s will.”

– A.W. Tozer

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