Shout Over The Noise!

Devotional II

“…but they cried out all the more…”

– Matthew 20:31

Two men who could not see sat along the path in desperation and eagerness to be healed of their blindness. Knowing Jesus was walking by them, they would not let Him pass without openly crying out to Him to be healed. It was like an earnest prayer from their hearts.

The masses that surrounded the Lord tried to quiet them. It could be that people felt these men were unworthy of calling to Jesus. Perhaps they thought Jesus was too busy to pay attention to such insignificant souls. Either way, they tried silencing the cries of these poor beggars.

The crowd missed the point, and many times we do too. Jesus himself said that He came to those who need a physician, not to those who felt healthy. If that is the case, why then would the crowd attempt to stop Him from doing what He came to do?

These men would not be silenced; they cried out even louder because they knew the Man walking by them was the Messiah, identified in their hearts by the Holy Spirit. Despite the urging of the crowd, Jesus stopped and healed them from the darkness they were in and gave them sight.

C.H. Spurgeon writes, “Tell me, then, how Jesus set about it. Did He set about it by arranging to build a huge Tabernacle, or by organizing a monster Conference, or by publishing a great book, or by sounding a trumpet before Him in any other form? Did He aim at something great, and altogether out of the common line of service? Did He bid high for popularity, and wear Himself out by exhausting sensationalism? No, He called disciples to Him one by one and instructed each one with patient care. To take a typical instance of His method, watch Him as He paused in the heat of the day. He sat upon a well and talked with a woman, a woman who was none of the best. This looked like slow work and very common-place action. Yet we know that it was right and wise.” 

Do you feel spiritually poor and blind? Is your soul desperate and crying out for peace? Maybe you feel like you are walking in complete darkness today. Perhaps you have sought out everything in this world and yet still find yourself empty. Today Jesus is walking by, and you know it and sense Him. Do not let the fear of the masses around you stop you from crying out to Him, He will hear you and heal you. You are the one He came for!

“You are not hidden, there’s never been a moment you were forgotten. You are not hopeless, though you have been broken, your innocence stolen. 

I hear you whisper underneath your breath, I hear your SOS, Your SOS

I will send out an army, to find you in the middle of the darkest night
It’s true, I will rescue you.”


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