Anonymous Servants

Devotional II

“The Lord appointed 70 others…”

– Luke 10:1

To “corner the market” means to obtain sufficient control of something in an attempt to manipulate the price. When you “corner the market,” you set the tone. This was the issue with the twelve when they attempted to stop the ministry of the man casting out demons in Jesus’ name. Just because a ministry is famous in the world’s eyes does not mean it is the only ministry that the Lord is using to fulfill His plans.

Jesus commissioned seventy more as advance teams to go out before Him. The twelve were sent into Galilee and into the Northern regions to the Jews. The seventy would be sent out farther into the South, even into Gentile regions. They would be sent out along the route Jesus was taking to Jerusalem. They went before Him as the Lord headed for the cross.

These seventy souls chosen by the Lord have been compared and associated with the seventy Sanhedrin, the seventy nations outlined in Genesis ten, and the seventy appointed by Moses. Personally, I like to associate them with the latter.

Like those with Moses, these disciples are left anonymous. They carried the most important message on earth and yet are left nameless to us who are waiting for our future glory. While the twelve argued about who would be the most famous in the Kingdom of God, the seventy are left nameless. I propose to you, that is the best position to be in. May we serve the Lord and elevate His name while we fade into the background.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

– John 3:30


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