What Will You Be Doing When Jesus Returns?

Devotional II

“Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing.”

– Matthew 24:46

You cannot have personal holiness while holding onto worldly godlessness. We are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus “and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” This is the cry of the Church today, which is an accurate statement, yet not the only claim!

The Church today seems to be reaching “Christ receivers” but not fulfilling the call of making “Christ-followers.” We teach people to cry out for eternity in heaven and then tell them to bring their candy bags to be filled by the Lord like children on Halloween! Regarding today’s Christianity, A.W. Tozer wrote, “…the view held by many today the Christian gets this world with the One to come thrown in as a bonus!” And, we do this when all the while, the Bible tells us “be not conformed to this world.” It would seem that we are no longer concerned with the “One to come” more than we are with the ones who are here, mainly ourselves.

I have been that evil servant Jesus speaks about in the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew. I was the one not watching in anticipation of the Lord’s return. I was the one who Jesus described as thinking that the Lord is delaying His return, so I “ate and drank and was a drunkard.” Had Jesus come back during those times in my life, He would not have found me “so doing.” I may have been the one sharing his portion with the hypocrite where there will be “wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

I only wish that I could come to you from the heights of the giants of the faith that seemed to walk steadfastly in their ministry. But I cannot. I can only come to you from the depths and the pit that I have been taken out of. At one time, I was a Christ receiver only but was not a disciple. And as a result, I found myself far from the Lord and living just like the world and asking myself, “how did I get here?”

Today, right now, what will the Lord find you, “so doing?” What will you be found doing when He returns? Christian, if that is what you call yourself, are you walking in holiness or godlessness? There is no in-between!

“In this quasi-Christian scheme of things, God becomes the Aladdin lamp who does the bidding of everyone that will accept His Son and sign a card. The total obligation of the sinner is discharged when he accepts Christ. After that, he has but to come with his basket and receive the religious equivalent of everything the world offers and enjoy it to the limit.”

– A.W. Tozer


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