Names Written In Heaven

Devotional II

“…rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”

– Luke 10:20

Seventy servants had been given gifts and sent out to share the Gospel on the route Jesus was taking as He headed to Jerusalem for the last time. As they returned, they could not wait to tell Jesus what they did in His name. The Bible tells us they returned with joy!

It was not Jesus’ first inclination to tell them “well done,” but rather to provide them more instruction with a word of caution. To do that, Jesus used Satan as an example by sharing how he fell from his position and how he will be thrown out of heaven forever in the future.

Success in Christian service can have subtle dangers; pride can settle in. After times of accomplishments in the Lord, it is always good to be cautioned by the Holy Spirit. It is important to remember that it is He who gives us power and authority to accomplish His works, and it should always be done in His name.

When we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, the Bible tells us our names are written in the Book of Life. Jesus tells these servants to rejoice in that. When we celebrate in that fact, it reminds us of our eternal debt to God and His Son. It reminds us of what Jesus did for us on the cross. If we glory in that, we cast all the work onto the Lord and keep the attention off of ourselves.

“As long as you think that you are of value to Him, He cannot choose you because you have purposes of your own to serve. But if you will allow Him to take you to the end of your own self-sufficiency, then He can choose you to go with Him “to Jerusalem.”

– Oswald Chambers

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