The Silence Of “The Lamb”

Devotional II

“Jesus said to him, ‘It is as you say.”

– Matthew 27:11

The accusation against Jesus was His claim to be Messiah. When the governor asked our Lord who He was, I believe it was done with a heart of genuineness as if to say, “Are you really Him?” When the religious elite asks Jesus, it was done in an accusatory manner, and they wanted to use His answer to condemn Him. When they accused Him, Jesus did not say a word.

As they led Jesus to Pilate, the Bible tells us that He was bound by them. Never! You can never restrict the Lord of all! The power and glory that unfolded for a moment before Peter, James, and John can never be bound unless Jesus allowed it. It was allowed because Jesus was obedient and always about His Father’s business. Even in a situation that seemed out of control, the Lord of all glory was still in control. Every Christian should remember this fact when faced with the issues of life.

To Pontius Pilate, Jesus answered when questioned. Maybe Pilate’s heart was still open to receive the Saviour as Lord of his life. To those who had already made up their minds about Jesus, He said nothing. They were the very people that should have recognized Him. What about you today? Do you still sense the Lord speaking to your heart and conscience? Is He even calling you to come home, or does it seem that His voice has become more distant and a fading echo? Hopefully, you will respond to His call before He goes silent.

“God has sent us His Son to be our Savior, but so many people do not listen to the Gospel message. Scientists can calculate complicated mathematics and create satellites to place in space. America has even landed a spaceship on the moon! Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin were the first two human beings to walk on the surface of the moon. Yet, men do not believe in God, even though they are searching for Him.”

– Chuck Smith

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