He Is Willing

Devotional II


“If you are willing…”

– Mark 1:40

In Leviticus, we are given the tests the priests were to conduct for leprosy. From these exams, we can see that leprosy represents sin. It was a disease that was deeper than the skin and spread. It defiled life and isolated people. The man who approached Jesus in this setting was certainly isolated and alone. He could not touch others or even walk close to them. Many times, sin brings us to a lonely place as well. It has been said that “anyone who has never trusted the Savior is spiritually in worse shape than this man was physically.”

This leper was not to approach anyone. However, in his desperation, he risked everything to come to the Savior for healing. This man came to Jesus with the right approach, in complete humility. He was full of anxiety, which brought him to implore Jesus. He knelt down in reverence to the Lord and was submissive by saying, “if you are willing.” The prayer was believing, acknowledge a need, and was specific in the request. It was a personal prayer, yet not a desire for a blessing but for healing. This man wanted to be remedied!

Our Lord was moved with compassion. There was deep care, and concern for this man’s need and Jesus knew healing needed to come. Jesus could have healed with just a thought or a simple word, but he decided to touch someone who was considered unclean. That is precisely what this man needed, the warmth of a loving touch that he had not felt in a long time. Those beautiful words, “if you are willing, you can” were prayed in humility, and Jesus was willing. The man was cleansed.

Is there sin in your life today that has isolated you from others? More importantly, has it separated you from God? Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Today, bring your anxieties to the Lord in humility and acknowledge your specific need. The Lord Jesus Christ is still moved with compassion and is willing, you just need to ask.

“God has made it abundantly clear that He is not willing that sinners perish and that He is willing that all men be saved.”

– Warren Wiersbe 

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