Bringing Others To God

Devotional II


“…the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord…”

– 1 Kings 10:1

The Bible tells us that God asked Solomon what he wanted. In his humility, Solomon prayed and confessed that he was like a little child who did not know his way around or how to govern people. As a result, Solomon asked for God’s wisdom and understanding. King Solomon surpassed all other kings in riches and wisdom. God did not bless Solomon to elevate his status, it was to bring praise to the Lord’s name.

We often hear messages about Solomon’s riches, fame, and commercial enterprise he created that impressed the queen of the south. It is true, Solomon accomplished much, and his reputation did spread throughout the land. However, God’s word declares that the Sheba ruler came to see him “concerning the name of the Lord.” It was his fame that piqued her curiosity, but God’s name that caught her attention and heart.

I would imagine, during her tour of Jerusalem, the queen of Sheba received a tour of parts of the Temple and its services. As fathers were to explain the sacrifices and festivals to their children, Solomon may have done the same for this woman. She may have even met Nathan, the priest. She had many tough questions to ask Solomon, and he answered each one with ease.

 Imagine her questions and his responses for a moment. “Solomon, what God would set up His people in the smallest country in the region yet make it so productive? What God would allow a son conceived in adultery to become king and bless him so much?” I could imagine his response, “Queen, let me tell you about my God. Remember those ceremonies we explained? They were all proclaiming our Savior to come, the One written in the scriptures. My God is the God of restoration, love, mercy, and grace. He does not want anyone to perish but all to live forever in heaven with him.”

God used Solomon’s fame to draw her in, but it was the Lord’s name that grabbed hold of her heart. It was not the riches, wisdom, and prestige that she sought. She sought the power behind the great name of Solomon. It was God she was searching for, and the evidence that was presented before her caused her to see the Lord and glorify His name. She came with an open heart to receive the truth. May we all see the Lord today in the evidence of the Scriptures and seek His name. It is by His name that we are saved!


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