It’s Not Always About You

Devotional II


“Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.”

– Numbers 12:3

Meekness was not a natural characteristic of Moses. This was developed over many years following the Lord and meeting with Him face-to-face. This distinctive would serve him well while in the highest given leadership role over the people. He was a ruler that was ruled over by a higher authority.

Moses’ position was given to him by the Lord; it was God’s will. As is often the case, a person in elevated roles is judged incorrectly. As Alexander Whyte quoting Ewald wrote, “the best and the most capable man in a community is often the most misunderstood and the best persecuted.” Martin Luther called Moses “plagued” above all men because of the role that he played. All of his “plagues” came to a head when his older siblings begin hurling accusations at him. This situation, however, would draw out of Moses his best God developed characteristic, power under control.

Miriam and Aaron had assigned ministries, a priest, and a prophetess. The accusation against their younger brother was that he married a non-Jew. There was no law against that during this time. Make no mistake, though, it was not this situation that brought them to question Moses’ authority, it was jealousy and envy. Most people who accuse others of wrongdoing are usually upset about something else. It is rare when the real reasons are given.

Moses was confident in the Lord and did not try to defend himself. His real character was demonstrated in this situation. His years of spending time with the Lord brought him from an arrogant youth to a man of incredible meekness and humility. Moses’ humility was a foreshadowing of our Savior’s, Jesus the Messiah. Christ willingly humbled Himself under the hand of men to save our souls.  In every situation we encounter, we must glorify God’s name by remembering it is not always about us, it is about Him.

“I am confident that no man or woman is ever called of God to degrade himself or herself, either morally or in truth. but we do have a calling from God to humble ourselves under His mighty hand – and let the other party do the rock-throwing!

– A. W. Tozer

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