Promises Easily Grasped

Devotional II


“…knowledge is easy to him who understands.”

– Proverbs 14:6

The promise of God to the children of Israel was the land of Canaan. It was given to them by the Lord. The inhabitants already there were of no consequence. God gave, and they were to receive. This promise was easy to grasp for those who knew their Lord.

Caleb was one who knew God and trusted the promises. God called him a man of a “different spirit” because he followed God wholeheartedly. As a result of his knowledge and understanding, he was ready to take possession of what was promised.

The vast majority of Israel wanted to head back to Egypt, they were trembling in fear of the size of the enemy. The assembly even took up stones to kill Moses and Aaron for leading them away from Egypt. Israel wanted to return to a land that was devasted. They wanted to return to a place where they were slaves and where Pharoah was sure to treat them poorly once more. As the Proverb says, “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” Their actions revealed clearly what they thought about God.

A low concept of God will be expressed in our actions. How we live our lives daily demonstrates outwardly who rules and reigns our soul. The Bible tells us we ought not to be afraid of those who can take our lives physically, that is all they can do. They can never take your soul when it belongs to Jesus!

What hinders you from taking possession of all the Lord’s promises to you? Has doubt turned into unbelief leading to rebellion towards the Lord? I have discovered many times the giants in the land are grossly overexaggerated. Quite often, they are not physical but spiritual. They are in our mind where Satan likes to enter in subtly as if it were his playground. And, we allow him in when he is to be resisted. He is to be resisted not only so he will flee, but also that faith again can enter in and breath its beautiful life into us. It is then that you can receive “the inheritance God has planned for each of His children today, the work He wants us to do, and the places He wants us to occupy.”

“The Lord has a perfect plan for each of His children, but we can claim these blessings only by faith and obedience.”

– Warren Wiersbe

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