At Different Places

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“Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up…” 

– Mark 8:25

This blind man was taken outside of the city by the Lord and then healed. He was not reconciled with one-touch or a spoken word of Jesus. In fact, this man was not even healed instantly. Jesus healed him gradually and in such an unconventional way.

God is sovereign, just, and fair. He has a reason and purpose for everything, even though we may not always perceive it. Sometimes the Lord heals instantly and other times gradually and sometimes not at all. In the scriptures, He does miracles in many different ways, which shows His diversity. There are times when people are healed that we think do not deserve it. There are other times where those we think do deserve it are not. If the Lord did not demonstrate these different ways and unlikely methods, it is possible we would attempt to approach the Lord on our own merits. Grace, then, would not abound. It just goes to show that we do not have control of anything, only God does.

In the life of the Christian, some may gain remarkable spiritual sight as soon as they accept Christ as Savior. Others may begin to see dimly at first and gradually come to a more precise understanding of who they serve and the holiness He wants them to demonstrate in their lives. We need to realize that we are all at different places in our walk with the Lord Jesus. The way God works in our lives may not be the same way He works in another’s life. Consider that before looking upon others disparagingly.

“Today, when so much ink is spilled criticizing God’s servants, some of us need to start majoring more in encouragement.”

– Warren Wiersbe 

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