God Has So Much More For You!

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“…but the possession of our inheritance shall remain with us on this side of the Jordan.”

– Numbers 32:32

In the Christian walk, there are times in our lives we remain in a place God has not designated for us to be or areas He has asked us to move on from. Our inheritance lies ahead of us, yet we can begin to think that it is right in front of us. We desire to set up shop and plant roots where we are at and never ask the Lord if He even wants us to remain. We become entrenched and unable to move at His command, missing out on every experience and blessing Jesus has for us.

I heard a story once of a young girl whose parents took her to Disneyland. As she entered the park, she was awestruck by the train. She stood in wonder at the picture of her favorite mascot designed by flowers at the front of the park. She and her parents were just beyond view of the entrance, and the young girl would not move, even though her parents were trying to show her so much more. The young lady could not understand why her parents wanted to leave that particular area, she thought they had arrived. She did not realize everything that was beyond the front gate, all of the treasures that were hers on the other side. That ticket that was purchased by her parents gave her access to so much more. All she needed to do was follow her parents through a tunnel leading to many beautiful lands and experiences. All the sites and sounds were hers!

Salvation through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is essential, but that is just the beginning! God has so much more for us to experience in this life of sanctification, yet many times, we remain infants in our walk with Christ and never move into maturity. The Lord has paid the purchase price and desires us to move on into a deeper relationship with Him through His Word. May we make our journey away from the entrance and never remain in a place He has not told us to stay. This journey with Christ has so many beautiful lands and experiences for us if we will just take His mighty hand and allow Him to lead us on!

“We have already moved from what we were to what we are, and we are now moving toward what we shall be.”

– A. W. Tozer

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