Times Of Confusion



“Yet, for all that, you did not believe the Lord your God.”

– Deuteronomy 1:32

God is transcendent! He exists outside of space and time. With the Lord, a thousand years is like a day, and a day is as a thousand years. The first shall be last and the last first. It is the poor who inherit the earth. It is no wonder that when He places us in areas of our lives as believers, many times, they do not seem logical or reasonable to us. As a result, we can become perplexed and tempted to lean on our own understanding, never realizing that we may be right where God wants us. During these crucial times, we become reliant upon Him as a child to their father.

During times of confusion, it is essential to reflect on what the Lord has done in your life. This is what we find Moses doing with the Nation of Israel. He is reminding them that they have been in this position before, yet the people failed to trust God and move forward. Moses did not want them to make the same mistake twice. He had a shepherds heart and wanted them to succeed as they stood on the promises of the Lord. Recalling to mind what the Lord has done and shown us will always help us with doubts and fears, but only if we stand on those promises.

Do you find yourself at a place in your life that seems unfamiliar or confusing? Be careful not to look on the outside circumstances only and forget the spiritual. Recall to mind how God has carried you through situations, as a father carries a child. Count your blessings and reflect on the words of the Lord so that you may stand and not fail under pressure.

“Are there no mercies which you have not experienced? When you are gloomy now, can you forget that blessed hour when Jesus met you, and said, ‘Come unto me’? Or if the love of your bridegroom be forgotten, there must surely be some precious milestone along the road of life not quite grown over with moss, on which you can read a happy memorial of His mercy towards thee? Go back, then, a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday, and although everything may be dark now, light up the lamps of the past, they shall glitter through the darkness, and you shall trust in the Lord until the daybreak and the shadows flee away.”

– C.H. Spurgeon



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