“Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life…”

– Luke 12:22

Atheism has been defined as “an absence in a belief that any god exists.” We look at others who take this approach to life and wonder how they are so blind to what we believe to be true. Yet we rarely look inward to see the atheism in our own lives.

Christian atheism exists and is unfortunately alive and well in the present-day church. This is when we claim Christ as Savior and then live as if He does not exist. It is when we hear Him speak to us through His Word and then live as if He never said anything at all. When we turn aside from God’s Word and do not claim the promises, worry then begins to settle in.

The Bible tells us that the Lord feeds and clothes even the smallest creatures. God is omnipotent. He has unlimited and very great power. It is amazing that He chooses to use some of that great power to care for the insignificant. How much more care then does He take for you and me who are much more valuable in His sight? Worrying about what you do not have now will never guarantee you will have it in the future. Trust the Lord to take care of your daily needs as He has promised.

“Jesus used the ravens as an example of how God cares for His creatures. They do not spend their lives in a frantic quest for food and in providing for future needs. They live in hourly dependence on God. All it means is that God knows the needs of those whom He has created, and He will supply them if we walk in dependence on Him.”

– William MacDonald.


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