Running Naked



“…and fled from them naked.”

– Mark 14:52

When Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife naked, it was because he did not want to dishonor his master. He wanted to be holy and identified with God. The young man that fled from Gethsemane naked ran in fear of being captured. He wanted only to be identified with the Lord when it was convenient. During this time of adversity, however, he ran away in desperation for his own life. It was not only this man that ran, but all of Jesus’ disciples also fled. Where were the multitudes now?

We see Peter as the most confident of the twelve. His famous last words to Jesus are “I will not.” After Jesus gave Simon Peter a preview of things to come, Peter boldly and confidently tells Jesus, “I will not be stumbled” and “I will not deny You, Lord.” Usually, boldness and confidence would be applauded, but not here. These were character flaws, based solely on human capabilities.

The Bible shows us that Peter had the most self-confidence, yet when hard times came, he experienced a profound fall of the soul. In-fact, after fleeing the scene from Gethsemane, we find Peter in a rage and violently denying he even knew Jesus. One of the disciples we see walking with Jesus the longest had become the most confident, yet his confidence was misplaced.

As followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our confidence must be solely in Him. The longer you walk with Christ, the more accountable you will be to adhere to His Word. May our attitudes never be “I will not,” but rather, “I can because I am weak.” Keeping ourselves low and at the feet of Jesus is the most elevated place a Christian should be. It significantly reduces our chances of falling.

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

– James 4:10

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