Half-Hearted Service



“For I am an old man, and my wife is well advanced in years.”

– Luke 1:18

As Christians, who are we to decide who God will choose to use and when? C.H. Spurgeon once wrote, “It is always upon human weakness and humiliation, not human strength and confidence, that God chooses to build His Kingdom.” If this is true, and I believe that it is, why are we sometimes surprised and doubtful when God begins to use our life to benefit His church?

Zacharias and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist, were old, yet they continued praying for a son. Think about that for a moment. How long had they been married and unable to have a child? All the years of praying for this miracle of a child were now going to be answered, and what is Zacharias’ response? He did not believe it! What would cause such doubt? Why would Zacharias continue this prayer if he did not expect it to be answered? Did it become just a daily habit that he and Elizabeth prayed for this with no expectation for it to be fulfilled?

The angel Gabriel told Zacharias that God would fulfill answers “in their own time.” In other words, God would answer in His perfect timing and in His perfect way. Each of us needs to remember that if we are praying to be used by the Lord, we should not turn down opportunities when He answers. Often times, when we hear God speaking to us and what He is telling us to do, we begin to look at our own limitations and prematurely take ourselves out of the scenario. Do not stop short of the full blessing God has for you because of disobedience.

“…if you do know His Word, what good is it if you do not trust it and you are always looking for God to give you a sign? God is not a “Genie in a bottle” to perform for us. Take Him at His Word. If He is speaking to you today, go in the direction that He is telling you to go in. If not, you will miss out on all the blessings God has for you.”

– Chuck Smith

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