Harmonious Reaction



“…you cannot stand before your enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you.”

– Joshua 7:13

It is difficult enough to escape the effects of the sins we have been pardoned for without adding additional transgressions into our lives. And yet, many times, we continue to indulge in our lusts. In doing so, we add more opportunities for Satan and his demons to hurl their accusations against us. If we consistently yield to the desires of our flesh, how can we ever stand in the victory against the enemy? His charges against us will seem accurate in our minds and hearts, the fiery darts will pierce us and send us running. We will be defenseless!

 To sin is to “miss the mark” and to transgress is to “cross over.” Achan and his family had crossed over and intentionally sinned. He coveted the spoils of Babylon and took them for himself. He and his family knew what they were doing was against God’s will and word, yet they did it anyway. Eternal holiness was set-aside for temporary gain. There was sin in the camp, and as a result, the Nation of Israel lost a battle that they should have easily won.

If you cannot move forward in victory, then everything that God has done for you up to this point may seem to be of no value. The issue of sin must be dealt with through confession, repentance, and death to self. As Christians, we must take up our cross…daily! In that one action, we have a harmonious reaction of laying down our old life. It is then that we can walk in His victory!

“The final cry of despair is often the prelude for the first cry of victory. When God brings you to the absolute end and despairing of yourself, and you know that there is no way you can do it, and you give up. Then is when God has the opportunity to step in and begin His work because He’s taking you one point beyond yourself. That’s always a great point to be.”

– Chuck Smith

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