True Inheritance



“But to the tribe of Levi Moses had given no inheritance…”

– Joshua 13:33

At first glance, these words can seem cruel and unfair. The Bible tells us that God would be their inheritance and not possessions. While the other tribes of Israel were receiving property, they would have no national heritage as the rest. This tribe was portioned for specific service to God Himself (Numbers 18:20).

The Levites had always shown a desire to serve the Lord. In the days of Moses in the wilderness, we see their resolve to serve their Maker. Although they were party to the sins with the rest of the people, they stood for righteousness with Moses when a line was drawn in the sand, demonstrating zeal for God’s honor (Exodus 32:26-28). Even before that, Aaron and his sons were selected to serve in the priesthood. In those days, this was viewed as a high honor. It was part of the principle of the “firstfruits.” Under this concept, the first part of the harvest was dedicated to God. They were honored as God’s special harvest set-aside for a specific service.

Can you imagine being one of the Levites at this time? Is it possible that, although a great honor to be considered one of the “firstfruits,” some of them may have been envious or jealous? I wonder if some of them looked at what the other tribes were receiving as possessions and became envious? Did they ever think to themselves, “I demonstrated a zeal for the Lord, and all I get to do is make the showbread, lead the people in worship, assist with the sacrifices and get blood all over myself every day?” Of course, we do not know that this is true, yet it is possible.

As a Christian, God is our portion, and heaven is our home. There will always be those who seem to have more than we have. At times, it may even seem unfair, especially to those who serve Christ with zeal and yet their earthly possessions are limited. Sometimes our “greatest dangers arise from our greatest advantages.” God will never give us an anchor to this world that takes our attention from the next. May the legacy we leave to the next generation be better than possessions. May we leave them God’s Word in their hearts and complete reliance on Him alone.

“The Lord is my portion, says my soul. Therefore I hope in Him!”

– Lamentations 3:24




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