Make Me New Again



“Then the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God…”

– Luke 2:20

The truth of Jesus’ birth has been shared many times over. God was silent for four hundred years and began speaking again to humble shepherds and to servants like Zacharias serving in the Temple. It was fresh, exciting, and brand new! Is that newness of life and refreshing of the soul still the same for you today? Has the story lost its effect in your life?

The shepherds were told where to find Jesus, and they went searching. As they headed back to their work, they left Jesus physically but never spiritually. He had now settled in their hearts and minds. They glorified God as they went off to spread the Gospel. We are never told that their zeal remained with them for the rest of their lives. The Bible simply displayed their legacy as returning and praising God. What a great legacy to be remembered by!

As the gap widens from the day of your spiritual birth to the present, that brand new excitement can begin to fade. It may even seem that God has not spoken to you for many years. Maybe you have heard the story over and over. Could it be time to listen once more to the Holy Spirit? Can you hear Him giving direction to where Jesus can be found? Head toward that manger in your heart. See Jesus once again and allow newness of life to be restored in your soul. It may be that you will return glorifying and praising God!

“The sweetest story ever told, the coming to earth of our Lord Jesus Christ. No room for Him in the inn. Is there room in your heart? Have you made room for Him? Have you received Him? Have you trusted Him? He wants to come in, and He will come in if you will open the door.”

– H. A. Ironside


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