Stripped Of Glory



“…there will be no glory for you in the journey you are taking…”

– Judges 4:9

How would you respond to that announcement? If a journey you were taking had minimal impact and attention, maybe it would not matter much to you. However, if the affair was going to be of any significance, I am sure many of us would want our names linked with its success.

The children of Israel cried out to God for deliverance from their oppressors, and the Lord answered. At the time, the prophetess Deborah was judge over Israel, and Barak was the general of her army. God had placed it upon her heart to send Barak and the military against their adversary. The command she gave the general appeared to confirm what the Lord already spoke to Barak. It was time to lead the army into battle. His march came with assurance, God already delivered Jabin’s army, with all of its chariots, into Israel’s hands.

When Barak asked Deborah to go with him on this venture, she agreed. It is interesting to note that here, the prophetess confesses another promise. She ensured the general knew glory would go to God through the hand of Deborah (Judges 4:9). Barak would not be remembered as a deliverer. In his response is where we observe real godly character. Cognizant of this information, he went regardless. As a Christian, God will inevitably call upon us to fulfill a responsibility. What will we do if no attention is given?

In our current situation, churches are not gathering for a time. No longer are we able to share views of our “brand” and buildings. We are unable to share photos with captions reading, “full house today,” as if this was a sign of spiritual success. Has the Lord brought us back to the place of a reminder? The reminder to not allow our left hand to see what our right hand is doing? To do our good deeds in secret where only God sees? If the mission provides us no glory, will we still make the journey?

“Promotion seems to be the name of the game today. Many pastors spend all of their time and energy trying to promote a church or trying to promote themselves. But promotion – true promotion – comes from the Lord. As people begin to look to you, it’s so easy to slip into taking the credit or receiving the applause. That’s the shortest path to the end of the anointing of God’s Spirit.”

– Chuck Smith

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